Los Angeles Based Photographer

Matt Abrams

Flask Mob LA

I met the Flask Mob at Pershing Square/LA last weekend, drinks were already opened as I arrived. Flask Mob is a group of photographers and friends who explore the city with cameras. Many extreme stunts: spinning (steel wool) and blowing fire were done, which created some epic photos.

The coolest part was just meeting everyone and seeing their shooting styles. It was LA's first event, so people from all over came out to see what's up with the mob. Most people were photographers, but some girls were posting up under street signs modeling and some people brought props like animal masks or a pair of legs. Capturing the different fire photos was a big part of it, but slowing down and capturing photos of LA at night and the streets was an aspect too.

People drank PBRs and had their flasks in pocket as we took the city. The Friendly LAPD quickly noticed the mass of people (100+) and followed all night long. 

The opportunity gave me the chance to meet photographers, see the techniques people are doing, and explore LA at night. Beginners, experts, people wanting to hang check out their IG: @FlaskMob for future events and sick photos! Power of the mob