Los Angeles Based Photographer

Matt Abrams

Griffith Observatory: Maurice and Alisha

The Griffith Observatory is the gateway to the cosmos, but we are reminded by the Hollywood sign that we are still terrestrial. I was accompanied by Laceroots florists, Sam Kholl makeup, Diana Sabb event planning, fellow photographer Gordon Shih, and the lovely couple of Maurice and Alisha. The Griffith Observatory is a beautiful location; however, as a photographer you must pay attention to the crowds of people and the extreme harsh lighting. With a little creativity you can take magical shots!

The Art Deco style of the Griffith provides for intimate shots with the building and setting. I used natural light most of the shoot with an occasional reflector. (Be careful, tripods and stands are not permitted)

I am grateful to have met this beautiful couple. They have been dating over a decade and are high school sweet hearts. "You know, and I know, that when you love someone, everything in the world matters a little bit more" - Jodi Picoult